“It is important to acknowledge our own energy; what we are putting out in the world.  It is vital that we make sure that we are putting out the most positive energy that we can muster.  The principal that is critical to remember, is that what ever we put out in the world, will eventually come back to us.  So, it is in honor of the healing of ourselves, and the world around us, to be in the best
place we can be, as we go through our day to day lives.  Make sure you are not a “negative Nelly or Nelson”—always put your best out in the world and you will get the best in return.”

“Over the years, I learned, that whatever we place our attention on, whether positive or negative, the Universe does not know, positive or negative, it only knows where we are placing our thoughts and energy, and then goes to work immediately, bringing more of the same.  Therefore, it would be to our advantage, as humans, to keep our thoughts positive.  This is also one of the important aspects of the Law of Attraction.”

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